Monday, 30 May 2011

No Time For Papercrafting

No, I haven't lost my Mojo; I just don't have time to make any cards or do any other type of papercrafting at the moment and all because I did not volunteer earlier. Sorry, I'm ranting, let me explain what happened.

A friend has 2 Daughters the younger is making her First Communion on June 12th and she is going to wear the dress her older Sister wore for her First Communion. The only problem is that the dress was far to big for her and needed alterations. When my friend said that she was going to take the dress to the local Wedding Dress shop and they were going to carry out the alterations I breathed a sigh of relief because it was a major job and, being lazy, I just didn't want to commit myself to it. My friend was quoted 20 pounds and 2 weeks for the work which I thought an appropriate amount of time but very cheap for the work.

3 weeks later my friend is calling the shop daily asking when the dress will be ready and getting strange reasons for  it not being finished. e.g.. they needed to find 2 new buttons, the zip was too long and, more worryingly, that dressmaker had not been given enough time to work on it! So 5 weeks later they finally get a call to say that the dressmaker had the dress in the shop and could they come in. My friend and her daughter went to the shop expecting to have to try the dress on to make sure the alterations were correct. But no, the dress was apparently finished and was packed up ready for them to pay for and take away. My friend was taken aback but not being one for confrontations she paid up and walk out with the dress. When she got home and unpacked the dress she could not believe her eyes. She knew she would be seeing me that afternoon so she brought the dress with her to ask my opinion, which in one word was 'Appaled'.

Originally it had been a lovely dress but now the catalog of things that were wrong with it made me furious. So now I am trying to put right what the dressmaker did to this dress and kicking mysef that I did not offer to alter the dress from the begining as it would have been so much easier! Oh well, that's my rant over, now back to the sewing machine,lol.


  1. I feel your pain!
    I know exactly what you mean. When I got married (1st time :) lol!) I bought a dress which they altered, altered and altered some more. One week before the wedding I was still going back only to find the most horrendous job!
    It was an off the shoulder dress and instead of adjusting the elastic they had folded it over and stitched it, the hem was wavier than the sea and it was filthy! I did kick up a fuss and they ordered a new dress (same size) which arrived the following day and fit like a dream.
    I really hope you manage to sort it out :)

  2. Oh no, hope you get everything sorted & that you soon have time to relax :)

  3. what super friend you are..hope it all comes right...good luck


  4. Aww...I hear a little bit of me in there Elaina. You certainly are a lovely friend to pick up the pieces. I do hope all goes well with the Confirmation and the little girl looks pretty in her dress. It's always the 'behind the scenes' horrors that no one knows about when the event happens.

    Two of my daughters were bridesmaids at my eldest daughter's wedding 21 years ago and the lady that was making their bridesmaid dresses was still sewing buttons onto the dresses the night before. When I went to collect them,she asked me if I could collect the dresses enroute to the wedding!! She was serious and I was gobsmacked. I told her "I won't be going home tonight without those dresses". All was well in the end but like I said, no one really knows what goes on in the background! *Ü* ~Glen~

  5. How frustrating!I hate it when people don't do their jobs properly and something beautiful gets ruined because of it.Hope you managed to get it sorted.


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