Saturday, 11 August 2012


The longstanding campaign aims to raise awareness of the consequences of treating dogs as gifts or toys. Every year hundreds of thousands of children plead for the latest fad or top toy on the market, only to discard them a few weeks after Christmas when the novelty wears off. Unfortunately, the same perception is also apparent with dogs. We are continually seeking to change this.
"A dog is for life, not just for Christmas".
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Friday, 3 August 2012

Give Big

I want to bring to your attention a wonderful campaign that Kristen of Saturated Canary is running. She is trying to raise funds for   St Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis Tennessee who are trying to find cures for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Now before you say 'Yes but that's in USA' please remember that research anywhere will benefit children all over the world and lots of British children have gone to America for treatments of one kind or another.

But if that is not a good enough reason for you to donate to the cause then how about this; Krista is giving away 2 digi's in exchange for your donation! Now surely that alone is worth a small, or even a big, donation to her cause.

Read about her campaign for yourself here and if you are not familiar with her work have a look around while you are there.