Friday, 23 January 2015


Today we had to say goodbye to our dear dog Brodie after 5 happy years as part of our Family.

Brodie came to us from the Dogs Trust and had been a stray so we don't know exactly how old he was when we got him but their Vet put him at 10years old. So that would make him about 15, a very old boy for an English Springer Spaniel but it is still very hard when you lose them. He was not in a very healthy condition when the Dogs Trust took him in and the Vet had to remove one of his kidneys and a lot of his teeth. He was also understandably underweight, even when he came home with us he still had weight to gain but it did not take him long to come up to a healthy weight. After that we had to watch that he did not get overweight.

Brodie loved his toys and his newest one was always his favourite. He was the best natured dog I have ever known. He loved people, especially children. When we lived in Mildenhall we were near a school and on occasion I had to drag him away when he joined in with a class having a sports lesson on the playing field. He had also tried to join in a Cricket match one time which was not thought funny by the players. He was friendly with other dogs he met on his walks and was gentle with and accepting of our other pets.

 Our Maine Coon cat Oscar loved Brodie and would sleep with him and wash him. Brodie loved us all but he loved his Daddy most of all. When we first had him he would get up in my Husbands lap, which was funny because he was not a small dog. We will all miss Brodie very much, he was a good companion. We don't know what his life was like before he came to us but we are only glad that we were able to make his last few years happy and comfortable.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year and New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone. It was my New Year resolution to make the effort to restart my Blog and keep it going but my plans have been foiled from the very start. Instead of enjoying the first day of 2015 I spent the day nursing my sick Gambian Pouched Rat but despite all my efforts he died in my arms last night.

He was the last of my rats and so for the first time in about twelve and years we do not have any pet rats. It is such a strange feeling not having to feed and secure the rats for the night.  Rats make wonderful pets and I will miss them.

So here I am, a day late, writing the first post of 2015 and I will try to post on a more regular basis for the rest of the year.