Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ribbon Girl Blog Candy

I wanted to show you the wonderful Blog Candy I won from the lovely girls at The Ribbon Girl . I was amazed when I found I had won it and extremely proud to be the owner of the lovely heart made by Gail . I am considering making a shadow box to keep the heart in so that I can display it without the worry of it getting dusty. I can use the lace and maybe the ribbon as well on the box to bring the project together.  

Monday, 7 March 2011

Water Lilly Type Flower

I thought I would share with you this flower I came up with while playing with the contents of  a Craftworks Cards Goody Bag. It is really easy but very pretty I think.

First you need one small and one large of the die cut flower shapes.

Now you need to curl the petals up to make them into a cup shape.

Next, glue the two shapes together with the petals offset from each other to form the base of the flower.

The next step is to take some Candi to make the inner petals. I have used the same colour as the outer petals but Candi comes in lots of colours so you can mix and match as you like.

I used 6 pieces of Candi to form the next row of petals but you can use more if you wish. You need to put a big blob of glue in the centre of the cup and form the Candi around themselves. I found that wet glue works the best for this as it gives you a little time to shuffle the Candi into position.

For the last row of petals I used just 3 pieces of Candi again secured to the flower with wet glue.

For the centre of the flower I used a Dew Drop gem but you could use any gem, a contrasting Candi or even a drop of Glossy Accents.