Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Continuing Saga of the Communion Dress

All I can say is Arrrgh! As I took the dress apart I found more and more things that had been done badly or not at all and where the alterations had been made the dress was filthy! I don't know how anyone can claim to be a professional doing work like that and have the audacity to charge money for it.

Still, I deconstructed the dress and put it back together again, at each stage trying it on the little girl to make sure that it was fitting properly. Thank goodness it was half term and she could come over at short notice. Another thing that the lady spoilt was the matching headdress. My friend had asked her to make it smaller by half an inch and as it was a soft plaited head band with a veil attached that should have been a simple job. The  lady herself admitted that she had made it smaller by one inch by mistake an so it now did not fit. When I looked to see if I could undo it I found that it had been glued with great globs of yellow glue, the excess had been cut off and part of the decoration was missing. Rather than upset my friend anymore I sat down with some beads and wire and came up with this

I was very pleased with it especially as it was my first real attempt at making a Tiara, I also made a veil to go with it .

So, I am pleased to say that I managed to fix the Communion Dress so that most people would not know that anything had been wrong with it. It was not perfect but we knew that it would not be because of the damage done to it by the person who did the alterations. The little girl made her First Communion this past Sunday and she looked lovely, her big smiles made all the hard work worth while. There was a Parish Bar-B-Que after the service which was good fun even though it rained. It seems the way to cure our drought situation is to make it official! We have some lovely photo's so I will be scrapping those in the very near future but that is as close as I want to come to a Communion Dress for while lol. It really would have been easier to make a dress from scratch and probably quicker too but never mind, it is done now and I can get back to papercrafting.


  1. Beautiful Tiara I bet the little girl felt so proud wearing it.

  2. Lovely tiara.I'm glad it all went well!I bet she felt like a princess.

  3. Glad to hear everything turned out well in the end, the Tiara looks gorgeous I bet the little girl looked a princess in it :)

  4. ah bless you you've been a genuinely fantastic friend helping out like that and how hard for you bless - I'm glad everything went smoothly (eventually) - now enjoy yourself a little of that paper crafting whilst you recover!

  5. Lovley tiara. Sorry you had so much hassle. :( What a shame that some people do such shoddy work and dont care how it affects others. Thank goodness you were able to help.

  6. So glad it all turned out well in the end.


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