Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Promarker Nibs

Letraset have just launched the Promarker Ultra-fine Nib attachment and all I can say is 'At Last!'. I love my Promarkers and my only problem with them has been that at times I have needed a fine nib. I have some Tria markers which have a choice of 3 nibs including an Ultra-fine and so I knew what to expect as to the size of the line which is ideal for detail work. The Nib attachment comes complete with its own cap and is sold in a pack of 3. Once you clip it into place over the existing fine nib it takes just a few seconds for the ink to flow through. All single Promarkers bought through Letraset will automatically come with a free Ultra-fine Nib and if you buy 5 single Promarkers you get the 6th one free!

Information I had gathered from other users was that the Nibs can be changed from one pen to another so that it is not necessary to buy one Nib for every pen in your collection. I was anxious to try out putting the nibs on and taking them off of the pen again as I had heard that this could be difficult. Well I am very happy to report that I had no problems and I have Arthritis in my hands and wrists. The Nibs also cleaned well after use but I don't think I would recommend changing Nibs between colour groups or from the darkest to the lightest within a colour group so maybe 2 per colour group would be ideal. I don't like the idea of having to clean the Nibs all the time so I would rather get one for each pen, but that is just me. So if like me you are a Promarker person, give these Nibs a try, they are well worth it in my humble opinion.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Promarker nibs, I have just got in to Promarkers and loveing them :) been umming and rrring bout trying the nibs and your post has been very helpful I think I shall be trying the nibs really soon so thank you :)


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