Monday, 18 July 2011

Blog Award

I want to thank Elke at Elke's Creative Corner for giving me this award and for saying some very nice things about my work on her blog, she is very kind.

So apparently I now have to disclose 7 facts about myself, oh well, here goes.

1.  I have been doing paper crafting for about 15 years although I have been doing other crafting things for much longer.

2. Apart from paper crafting I also enjoy embroidery and I trained at the Royal School of Needlework   which is located in Hampton Court Palace

3. I used to do a lot of dressmaking and even made my own Wedding Dress. I made most of my Daughters dresses until she was old enough to worry about 'Labels'. I once made 15 Bridesmaid Dresses and 5 pageboy outfits for the same Wedding.

4. I hate cooking unless it is something fancy.

5. I used to breed and show Fancy Rats

6. My Husband and I share our home with a small menagerie of animals, we have a Springer Spaniel, a Maine Coon cat, Fancy Rats, Chinchillas, a Budgie, a Tortoise, Tropical Fish, Chickens and Ducks.

7. What else can I tell you that might be interesting. Oh yes, I used to be a Police Officer!

and now the best bit is that I get to pass the blog award on to 7 other people, so here is my list

Karen at Krafty Karens Blogspot.
Becky at Becky's Craft Adventures
Wendy at Purple Crazy Crafting
Linda at Linda's Cards and Scrapbook Pages
Lez at Hungry Heffy Crafts
Charlie-Louise at Crafty Little Moos
and last but not least
Lesley at Crafty Love n Hugs

All these people have fab blogs and I hope you will hop over to their sites and have a look at their work.


  1. Thank you honey I received this award a couple of days ago, I'm honoured to have got it from you too!! :0)

  2. thank you so much for the award i am not sure that i deserve it!?!xxx Charlie.xx

  3. Thanks so much, Not sure that I really deserve it either the way my mojo is right now, it has cheered me up this morning very much appreciate it
    Hugs Wendy xx

  4. Thanks Elaina! Appreciate the award x

  5. Congratulations on the award, I love the Hampton Court, Bushy Park area.

  6. Thank you so much Elaina, i am all chuffed to get this award! And my mouth is watering at the picture of that pavlova. NOM NOM! Thanks again sweetie. xx

  7. Hello Elaina, thanks for the comment on my blog. I've now investigated and I was wrong about the stamp, lol, so I've edited that post and there's a link to the stamps if you want to take a look. Hope this helps!
    Helen S


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