Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Little Off Topic

I was watching the news last night when a report came on about the proposed Badger cull. The reporter announced that by killing 70% of ALL Badgers, Bovine TB could be reduced by just 16% over 4 years! I had to back the program up and play it again to check what I had heard I was so stunned. How can killing an animal, who we should remember is a protected animal (Protection of Badgers Act 1992) to near extinction for so little benefit be logical. 

When the Government wanted to control TB in humans it introduced the BCG injection. The TB vaccine for cattle has proven to be between 56% and 68% effective but it cant be used because of existing EU legislation! Madness in my opion, utter madness.

I have provided the following links so that you can see for yourself the facts and figures and then please sign the petition.

Protection of badger Act 1992
The Badger Trust
League Against Cruel Sports

*Important. If you do nothing else, Please sign this e-petition

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