Sunday, 22 August 2010

My reason for living

Recently someone asked me what I had to live for. At the time the question gave me pause for thought, especially as that someone was my Doctor, but I soon realised that my reason for living was my Husband. I know most Women would say their Children but our one and only child is almost a stranger to us and has caused us so much pain in the past few years that I am not sure how I feel about her at the moment.

But back to my husband, and before you ask NO you can't have him. As you have probably guessed crafting is my main hobby and the support I get from my DH (Darling Husband) is second to none. When I stopped working it was not by choice but because of medical reasons and I felt like I had been thrown onto life's scrap heap. So my DH encouraged me to think of my crafting as a job. We have an agreement that when he is at work I should use my time crafting or in craft related activities, although he never checks up on me. He bought lots of storage units for me and we set up my crafting area in the TV room.

I have heard ladies say that they have to hide their purchases when they go to craft shows or shop's but I have the opposite problem. I have to limit the amount of craft shows we go to because he spends more money than I do. Where I may pick one or two items from a range he will buy the lot. He loves going to the shows and talking to the stall holders. He likes to see if he can get a discount or something for free and it is amazing how often he is successful. Some of the retailers have come to know him and spend a lot of time chatting with him which astonishes me considering how cheeky he is with them. He is almost as bad in craft shops. I pick up the things I need and when we get home I have lots of fun going through our purchases to see what extras he has bought me as well.

Recently I was ill with this Noro virus and he came home with a carrier bag containing 4 Martha Stewart punches. Other men would bring their sick wives flowers but he knows what will cheer me up the fastest. He loves to see the things I make and is always telling me that things I make are much better than things that can be bought in the shops.

My DH is really one in a million. I am sure that when he said 'In sickness and in health' he did not realise how much of a burden I would turn out to be but he tells me that he does not see me that way. I know it sounds corny but I really don't know what I have done to deserve him but I am glad that I have him and I am holding on to him with both hands.


  1. I will let you Keep him Elaina already have one myself don't have to hide anything from him comes to the craft shops with me no matter how long i'm in there & if i want anything he just says get it
    Anne xx

  2. You are very lucky lady with your DH. I have one too, so much of my life is like yours, - forced to retire due to ill health from a job I loved, doesn't make you feel great does it, but yippee I have so much time for crafting now, all those things I never had time for,

    My DH is at home as my full time carer now, just as well we get on, will always take me where ever I want to go, he doesn't complain about my purchases, I don't have to hide them either, he even waits until the postie has been before he pops out to the shops, 'cos i'm usually waiting for a parcel of some goodies.

    He often comes back with some goodies from the shops, last week, a multi pack of gems, mosaic shapes, A3 drawing paper pads all on special at our Lidl.

    Happy crafting
    Wendy xx

  3. I agree, you are a lucky girl Elaina and your DH does sound like one in a million. My Hubby is very good, but not THAT good, Lol! Having said that I am not ill and am perfectly capable or taking myself anywhere I need to go so have no need to ask him. Whether he would go quite as far as your lovely Hubby if I needed him to is something I hope I'm lucky enough not to have to test.

    The lovely thing is though, you obviously don't take what he does for you for granted which I'm sure makes him all the more happy to do things for you.

    Long may you both enjoy each other.

    Lesley Xx

  4. You are truly blessed, Elaina. He sounds like a real character and a tower of strength and support for you in difficult times. Could he please have a word with my OH, ha ha! I think it's great you have posted this tribute to him and that, as Lesley says, you appreciate him and don't take him for granted. Enjoy your crafting 'job' and remember to value what you produce. I hope you don't feel you are on life's scrap heap any more. There is so much more to life than a paid job and maybe one day your hobby will earn you riches as well as happiness.

  5. Hi Elaina. Sounds like you've definately got one in a million there. It sounds so good to have full support of your crafting. Mines very good too although he's started sending me texts from outside craft shops now. Anything crafty is a good therapy as you can forget what is going on in the outside world. I have bookmarked your page and will continue to pop over to see your lovely creations.
    Debbie M (GG member)

  6. You are lucky to have a DH like that. I am also lucky with my DH. I don't have to hide anything from him, he is very supportive of my "habit". He comes to the shows and craft shops with me and and he also says 'if you want it get it' and he's always buying me things as well, even though he is now retired. I don't know what I would do without him!

  7. Your husband sounds just perfect. Mine hates my hubby hates my hobby eight a passion. Thanks for your kind words on my blog Elaina. Have fun crafting and all those MS punches sounds like your in your element!

  8. Elaina you sound such a wonderful couple.

    Your DH is a real Gem and even more so that he buy's you such special pressies. Mine just stands outside shops making me feel so uncomfortable and always asking how long will you be!! He even comes in and stands watching which is a real bad sign!!! lol

    I was so sorry to read about your daughter and my heart goes out to you both!! I have two daughters who are totally opposite and have brought me many problems over the years and at times I have loved them but not liked them!! So I know how bad things can get!!

    Hang in there and enjoy your crafty therapy Love you you both Chanelle xx

  9. What a fabulous post Elaina, a very fitting tribute to a wonderful man. A friend of ours has just lost her lovely husband after loosing her daughters, one at 16 the other at 21 to a dreadful disease and I don't know how she will carry on... it really makes you appreciate what you have doesn't it? And it sounds like you have one in a million.... I do too!


  10. We're both lucky Elaina, I have a good hubby like yours too. He has his own hobby of making and flying model aircraft - huge ones with 6-7 ft wingspans - so he doesn't say anything about craft purchases as his hobby costs more than mine!
    When the Jukebox came out for the Cricut, he was researching the Internet to try and get me one for Christmas and in the end found one through Oyster stamps and gave me the money to by it from them while I was at the Hobbycraft Show that year - I hadn't even asked for one but he'd found out about it from my daughter and managed to look for it without me realising! He's quite happy to visit craft shops when we're on holiday as well so I think he's well worth hanging on to!!


  11. My friend, my love, my wife, my life, my whole reason for living is look after, protect, make you happy and love you for ever.


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