Monday, 14 June 2010

I Hate Monday's and Especially This One

Our dog Bryan has not been well lately, it was nothing I could put my finger on I just knew he was not right. Thankfully our Vet takes my hunches seriously so Friday we took him into the Surgery and the Vet did a thorough examination of Bryan including blood tests. The blood results did not look good so they x-rayed Bryan and even used ultrasound to examine his stomach. The vet thinks he has a growth on his spleen so he gave him some shots to boost his immune system and appetite in order build him up as much as possible over the weekend in preparation for possible surgery today.

I felt awful taking Bryan to the Vet's this morning and leaving him there but I know this is best for him. The Surgery has just called and told me that the pre-op x-ray showed no secondary’s or any reason not to operate so I gave my permission for them to go ahead with the exploratory and possible removal of his spleen. As you can imagine I am a bag of nerves and to make it worse I am home alone. Even Oscar the cat knows that something is not right and keeps walking around the house when he would usually be asleep.

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